Beginning Guitar 101: Lesson #15- Arpeggios


Chord One Note At A Time

Arpeggio means playing a chord one note at a time. So here’s a G chord and here’s the Arpeggio to G chord. One note at a time. Let’s do it in C chord. Here’s the Arpeggio of the C chord. Here’s an A chord and here’s the Arpeggio. How about a D? Arpeggio. G, play this with me. G, A, C, how about E? G, E, A, and C.

Up And Down Arpeggios

Now Arpeggios can go up and down. This is the Arpeggio up and we say up because I’m actually going higher note-wise. It’s not physically up, obviously my pick is going down to the floor but note-wise it’s going up, going higher and then down. This is A, C and E. Okay, practice that going down first, I’m sorry, going up first and then up and then down.

Practice Makes Better

Practice it, see that you start changing some of the chords without stopping. Okay, I’ll stop there and I’ll leave some for the next video. Thanks for sharing this time with me.

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